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Every software team works differently, even when working on the same set of GitHub issues. With the flexibility of ZenHub Workspaces, these teams work more collaboratively without losing the benefits of their unique workflows.

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ZenHub Workspaces

The flexibility of Workspaces

Workspaces lets software teams create different workflows using the same GitHub repository. Now every team can work in the way that fits their specific needs, tasks and styles.

Icon Individual Developer

Individual Developer (Frontend, Backend, QA)

Icon Kanban

Engineering Lead / Project Manager

Icon Product

Product Owner

Icon Growth

Executive Stakeholder

Individual Contributor
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In progress
Calendar view
Real time data in dashboard
Custom Reporting
Work in progress

The flexibility of Workspaces

Icon unique workflow

Teams work more efficiently when every pod has the flexibility to create their own unique workflow.

Icon same issue

Multiple teams can work on the same issue while it sits in different pipelines for each team.

Icon bugs workspace

Declutter your development project tracking by creating a separate Workspace just for bugs.

Icon goals

Product Managers can separate longer term goal-planning from sprint-planning with two separate Workspaces.

Icon contractor workspace

Provide contractors and off-shore teams with their own Workspace for easier collaboration.

Icon high level workspace

Create a high-level Workspace based on business goals to see projects through a strategic lens.

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