Zenhub AI

Zenhub AI redefines the standard of modern software project management. Reduce clicks, improve accuracy and simplify processes, without the overhead.

Agile, without the overhead

Reduce clicks

Simplify the steps it takes to perform simple tasks, automate busywork a human doesn’t need to do, and enjoy time back in your calendar for high-value work.

Improve accuracy

Make better, more informed decisions for your organization knowing your strategies are based on up-to-date, accurate data.

Simplify process

Leverage AI as your on-demand agile coach within Zenhub. Agile and project management enablement can be an entire job in itself – but it doesn’t have to be.

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Reimagining project management with AI

Easy issue categorization


No more endless label searching to categorize work. Zenhub AI recommends labels based on your issue details. Don't like them? Just refresh for more suggestions.

Effortless sprint reviews


Zenhub's AI Sprint Review is a powerful tool designed to make your Sprint Review process quick and efficient. Instead of spending valuable time on manual reviews, you can now get instant results.

AI-powered acceptance criteria


Streamline acceptance criteria creation while writing tickets using an AI-generated, robust starting point.

Coming soon

There's a whole lot of AI goodness that's coming...

Here's a glimpse of some of the AI-driven functionalities our team is envisioning.

AI-powered estimation

Zenhub AI votes alongside your team’s Planning Poker, offering benchmark estimates derived from historical work on similar issues.


AI-powered prioritization

Save time on issue prioritization with Zenhub AI, which suggests priorities and adjusts work placement.

*The above features are experimental concepts and are not currently ready for use.

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Frequently asked questions

When will I get access to Zenhub AI Beta?

Zenhub AI Suggested Labels is available today in Beta. Try it out today for free. Be sure to join the waitlist to be the first to experience other upcoming exciting features of Zenhub AI.

How will my data be used?

Zenhub is using the same provider that GitHub used to build co-pilot (OpenAI). We are using the OpenAI API, so your data is not being used for training or retained by OpenAI. OpenAI’s terms of service state that “OpenAI will not claim copyright over content generated by the API for you or your end users”

API data usage policies - Will OpenAI claim copyright over what outputs I generate with the API? - Terms of use

Is Zenhub AI free?

Right now Zenhub AI is in Beta, and you can try out AI Suggested Labels for free. Join the waitlist to be the first to experience the latest and greatest of Zenhub AI.

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