Zenhub now works where you do—Slack

Zenhub’s new Slack integration gives everyone in your organization a way to create, comment, and collaborate on Issues—even if they don’t have a Zenhub account.
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Minimize context switching, maximize collaboration.

Create Issues directly from Slack

Create new Issues using the ‘/zenhub issue’ command. Add a description and choose from your existing set of assignees and labels.

‘Reply in thread’ to comment on Issues

Get involved in the conversation and add comments to Issues by simply replying to an existing Slack thread—with or without a Zenhub account.

Get real-time Issue updates in Slack

Issue comments and updates from Zenhub are synced back to Slack, so you’re never out of the loop when it comes to progress.

Coming soon

We're just getting started

There's even more time saving features on the way soon

Convert Slack threads to Issues

Conversation getting a little long? Convert an ongoing Slack thread into a Zenhub Issue.


View your Daily Feed in Slack

Drive team stand-ups from Slack with your own personalized Daily Feed.


Get updates in your DMs

View Issue mentions, updates, and requests from Zenhub directly in your Slack DMs

*The above features are experimental concepts and are not currently ready for use.

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Join the Early Access Program to get hands-on our new Slack features, share feedback, and work directly with our product team to shape upcoming Slack use cases.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I get access to Zenhub’s new Slack integration?

We’re currently offering organizations the ability to sign up for early access.Submit your email using the form above, and we’ll turn on access for your organization.

How do I install the Slack integration?

Go to your organization dashboard and navigate to the “Integrations” section. There will be an option to “Connect your organization to a Slack workspace”. Once you click “Connect” you will be taken through the Slack installation flow. Once the Slack integration is installed, you’re able to connect Zenhub workspaces to slack channels through the “Edit Workspace” page.

Do I need to be a Slack admin to install Zenhub's new integration?

Yes, an admin of your organization will need to set up the initial connection between your Zenub organization and your Slack workspace. Once that is done, anybody in your Slack workspaces can connect channels to Zenhub workspaces.

Do users need a Zenhub account to use our new Slack integration?

No, users will be able to create and comment on Zenhub Issues without creating a Zenhub account first. Note: users will need a GitHub account to create or comment on GitHub Issues.

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