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GitHub project management made easy

Zenhub brings agile project management to GitHub.
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Manage projects in GitHub without leaving the app

Zenhub offers the project and productivity management features your software development team needs to increase velocity, reduce context switching, and maximize developer happiness.

Organize work into epics

Go a step above milestones and use epics to track how projects progress across multiple teams and how they contribute to the bigger picture.

Make your sprints work for you

Plan sprints in minutes, not hours. Unfinished issues are automatically assigned to the next sprint. Do planning poker without needing a meeting.

See projects in flight with roadmaps

Gives you and your stakeholders an accurate view into project progress. The only product roadmap solution directly inside of GitHub.

Identify blockers with reports

From velocity and burndown reports to lead and cycle time, get an accurate look at how your team’s tracking on work with real-time reporting.

Make agile effortless

Getting your team to buy into agile can be hard. Zenhub leverages automation to make sprint planning, estimation, 
and the handoff of work between teams effortless.

Kanban Boards
Issues dependency
Multi-repo support
Issues multi-select
Issue prioritization
Automated sprint planning
Estimation & Story points
Planning poker
Productivity Insights

Automate repetitive tasks

Zenhub brings automation to your workflow management so you can focus on the most important work.

Issue-PR connection via GitHub keywords
Issue-PR linking
Workflow automation
PR reviewer status on the board
PR status on Issue cards

Understand progress at a glance

ZenHub helps executives and business stakeholders understand in real-time which projects are at risk or falling behind without having to interrupt the development team.

Burndown report
Control point report
Velocity report
Cumulative report
Release report
Productivity Insights

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