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ZenHub is project management for teams working in GitHub.
Loved by developers and project managers, ZenHub helps teams ship better software, faster.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who are your primary competitors?

Customers most often come to us from JIRA, GitHub Projects, and Trello.

How is ZenHub funded?

ZenHub was bootstrapped to profitability. It began as an internal project at parent company Axiom Zen, and soon grew into its own company.

What's the difference between ZenHub and ZenHub Enterprise?

ZenHub is hosted on the cloud, and is primarily used by small and medium-sized companies. When organizations need enhanced security, they use ZenHub Enterprise, so their data remains on their own servers.

What's the connection between ZenHub and GitHub?

ZenHub is a layer of agile project management tools that exists both within GitHub and directly through your browser. Developers can engage with project management in a comfortable environment, while non-technical team members have total visibility into the development process. Your team will finally be united, not just synced.

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