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zenhub overview

Development and product management in one place

All the features product leaders need coupled with an experience developers love.

Your software team’s source of truth

Zenhub allows you to keep project tracking and productivity reporting where it belongs — close to code.

Productivity management platform features

Find harmony between product and technology

We believe in a world where developers don't dread using tools, and product folks get the updates they need with just a few clicks.

Just the right amount of agile – automated

Light-touch, agile experiences that actually improve efficiency and accuracy, and limit unnecessary meetings. The key to a developer's heart is fewer meetings, after all.
Sprint planning

Real-time team
productivity insights

Clear insights on developer productivity metrics that can help you course correct and ensure your team meets important deadlines. On demand, no pesky spreadsheet calculations required.
Productivity insights

Show and tell without
the heavy lift

Shareable reports and high-level roadmaps make it easy to keep stakeholders in the loop. Spend less time providing status updates and more time in the #petphotos channel.
Product roadmaps
customer stories

The world's most innovative teams work better together with Zenhub

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Bob Wei

Engineering Manager at Dapper Labs
“Using a scrum framework in alignment with Zenhub has provided more clarity, making communication with outside stakeholders much easier. We can show them the board and our average team velocity, and then it becomes much easier to communicate whether we can take something extra on or not."
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increase in epics completed.

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hours saved per month.

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Zenhub platform overview

All the features product leaders need coupled with an experience developers love.
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Frequently asked questions

How secure is my data in Zenhub?

We take security very seriously and commit to doing everything in our power to keep your data safe and private. We use industry-standard encryption and integrate with GitHub's own Open Authentication (OAUTH) system. At no point do we have access to your GitHub credentials, and at no point do we ever read any of your code, your branches, or the contents of your issues or Pull Requests. Please refer to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more details.

Who needs to pay for Zenhub?

Zenhub is free to use on public, personal, and academic repositories. For teams using private repositories, Zenhub is just $12.50 USD, per user, per month. Visit our pricing page to learn more about Zenhub pricing and plans.

Do I need a GitHub account to use Zenhub?

Currently, you can only get access to all of Zenhub's features when you connect Zenhub with a GitHub account. However, those who don't connect with GitHub can still use some of Zenhub's features, such as viewing high-level roadmaps and tracking the progress of epics and projects in their organization. Signing up without a GitHub account is ideal for non-technical team members who still want some visibility into the software development process. We are continuously working towards bringing more of our most loved features to non-GitHub users. Stay tuned!

How is Zenhub Enterprise different from Zenhub?

Zenhub Enterprise delivers the powerful GitHub workflow features available on Zenhub, securely hosted on your own servers. It is the only project management tool that works natively within GitHub Enterprise. Learn more!

Still have questions? Visit our FAQ page.

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