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ZenHub's flexible solution for GitHub unifies project management and development.

Task boards use your existing GitHub data to provide total transparency in your development process. Drag and drop Issues between pipelines, identify blockers, and prioritize what matters most.

Project Management to us is not being the in-between but being the bridge between teams and ZenHub has really created a unified team.
Jessica Jennings
Program Manager
ZenHub Task board
Achieve more with Epics

Achieve More with Epics

Customize your workspace

Customize Your workspace


Estimate More accurately

ZenHub Epic
Epics help teams plan and collaborate on product backlogs, letting you group multiple GitHub Issues together for better planning and tracking.
ZenHub Multi-repo Board
Multi-Repository Boards
Built for teams with projects spanning many Repositories and managers seeking an organization-wide view. Multi-Repository Boards allow teams to build workspaces custom to their workflow.
ZenHub Estimates
Catch bottlenecks early and better understand project complexity. Add story points and track progress towards Milestones.
Forecast Delivery Dates

Forecast delivery dates

Velocity Chart

Track your velocity

Project Status

Get project status

Release reports
Catch bottlenecks early, and better understand project complexity. Get deeper understanding of scope changes over time to determine if you’re on track to hit important goals.
ZenHub Release Reports
Velocity tracking
Measure the value your team delivers to customers. Velocity tracking helps teams determine their pace, detect trends to improve processes, and stay agile.
ZenHub Velocity Tracking
Burndown charts
Burndown Charts, integrated with GitHub Milestones, help teams meet deadlines more predictably. Visually compare complete and remaining work.
ZenHub Burndown Chart

Go beyond syncing

ZenHub is the only project management solution within GitHub. Keep Developers happy and your Project Managers informed.



Migrate data, integrate with other tools, automate workflows, and much more.

Link Issues and Pull Requests

Link Issues & Pull Requests

Attach Pull Requests to their corresponding Issues and get visibility by tracking them on your boards.

Slack Integration

Integrate with Slack

Get instant updates on your GitHub Issues, time estimates, projects, and more.

customize workflow

Customize your workflow

Add, rename, remove, and reorganize pipelines so your team can work how they know best.

Support teams

Multi-org support

Teams can merge Repos from multiple GitHub organizations into the same board.

Bulk Actions

Bulk actions

Save time by updating labels, assignees, milestones, and Epics, or make pipeline movements all at once.

Move Issues

Move Issues

Easily transfer an Issue and its comments to another Repository or pipeline.



Identify what Issues need to be completed first and better understand how Issues are related.

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