Zenhub API

Create a tailor-made project process with the Zenhub API

What the Zenhub API can help you unlock

Develop your own product management flow and unlock the full power of Zenhub

No two projects are
the same

Between developers, product managers, and designers – everyone’s workflow is just a bit different. Our API puts the power of Zenhub at your fingertips with a modern, accessible, and robust GraphQL API.

Modify metadata
on your terms

Programmatically update sprints, epics, estimates, and more based on your own custom rules, no matter how complex. Bulk edit issue metadata to make refinement, planning, or status updates a breeze across workspaces and issues.

Create and move issues at your command

Move beyond workflows and into ultra-customized scripts and triggers that complement your workflow. Open, close, and edit issues based on events outside of Zenhub.

Roll your own reports:

With access to the same data that powers our in-product reports and insights, the data visualization and metric calculation possibilities are endless. Customize reporting to focus on the metrics that matter most all while retaining access to the out-of-box Zenhub reports.

Turn monotony into autonomy with the Zenhub API

Access it all
Our schema provides access to the entire data structure from issues and epics, to reporting and beyond

Use familiar tools
Purpose-built for GraphQL, our API and documentation provides everything you need to get started

Get documented in detail
Written from the ground up by developers, for developers. Access the same documentation as our internal engineering teams

See simultaneous updates
Building with our API enables simultaneous updates across Zenhub, the Zenhub browser extension, and GitHub – one API, three platforms

Move from ‘To-do’ to ‘In Progress’

Head over to our Quick Start Guide to kick-off building with Zenhub