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Enable product owners, developers, managers, and external stakeholders to collaborate in one platform for planning, tracking, and executing software product releases.

The problem

What keeps product and development teams siloed?

Product management tools aren’t designed for devs. Dev tools aren’t meant for product people.

Project management happens in too many places

Developers, non-technical teams, clients, and other stakeholders are all managing projects in different places, causing inefficiencies and bottlenecks.

Tool integrations are high maintenance

Integrating project management tools with a codebase is often tedious, comes with security concerns, and requires regular maintenance to prevent inaccurate data.

GitHub can be confusing for non-technical team members

Using GitHub as a data source for tracking development work can be confusing and tedious for non-technical collaborators.

why zenhub

Give collaborators what they need, where they need it

Connect teams with automated workflows and enable full project visibility with roadmaps and reports, all in one place natively integrated with GitHub.

Automated workflows

Automate the movement of tasks between multiple Kanban boards using automated workflows.

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Real-time roadmaps

Roadmaps give all stakeholders high-level views of what’s happening and what projects are on track.

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Agile reports

Never bother your team for performance insights – Zenhub generates agile reports instantly on-demand.

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Benefits of using Zenhub


Give devs, non-technical teams, and stakeholders a birds-eye view of projected end dates, timelines, blockers, and ownership.


Give clients, contractors, and collaborators the visibility and edit access they need without giving them unnecessary GitHub access.

Project scope management

Capture requests, understand your team's velocity, and manage changes to project scope without needing to check GitHub.
Customer story

See how the SAP Fieldglass DevOps team collaborates better in Zenhub

Daniel Dycus

Director of Cloud Native Compute
"It's really empowering at an engineering and management level, frankly—to think completely differently on how to execute a project."
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