Keep projects on track.
And in GitHub.

Traditional project management tools can be hard to integrate into a developer’s workflow. In Zenhub, it's easy for devs to provide status updates and estimate, sort, and organize issues all inside GitHub.

The problem

Code lives in GitHub.
Why doesn’t software project tracking?

While most project management tools are great for tracking, reporting, and planning projects, they’re far from where developers are coding.

Developers waste time in project management tools

Devs lose time constantly switching between GitHub, their development environment, and project management tools.

Scattered tooling causes duplicate work

Project management tools often duplicate the same info already inside GitHub Issues, creating confusion and busy work for devs trying to keep tools up-to-date.

Agile tools can be GitHub integration nightmares

Project management tool integrations with GitHub often require tedious configuration and continuous maintenance to be effective.

why zenhub

Keep coding – and your team up-to-date

Zenhub gives your team full visibility and real-time updates on project status, without distracting you from the code.

Zenhub browser extension

Access Zenhub’s full agile project management feature set and boards directly inside GitHub.

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Multi-repo Kanban boards

Merge multiple repositories into a single Kanban board populated with GitHub Issues.

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Real-time roadmaps

Real-time GitHub Issue data keeps your roadmaps up-to-date with predictive end dates.

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Benefits of using Zenhub

Less time in meetings

Save time meeting on story point estimation and backlog refinement with automated sprints and planning poker.

Accurate data for everyone

Information flows seamlessly between GitHub and Zenhub, ensuring scrum masters and project coordinators always have the latest status update.

Easy onboarding

Zenhub’s intuitive design will feel familiar to devs already working in GitHub, making onboarding breeze.
Customer story

See how Swagger API is prioritizing the developer experience

Francesco Tumanischvili

Lead Developer, Swagger API
“Zenhub gave us the capability to have a single workflow with minimal overhead and integration with different GitHub contexts, not to mention much better reporting and planning features than were available elsewhere.”
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