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Why ZenHub?

Fueled by the codebase, ZenHub goes beyond GitHub issue management.

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Accurate data

Never ask for a status update again. ZenHub is powered by GitHub, providing total visibility into your projects and always-accurate data you can trust.

Purpose-Built for developers

Stop forcing your team to log in to JIRA. ZenHub centralizes your team into the environment they love, with all the robust features managers need.

Faster releases

ZenHub eliminates distraction and hours of wasted time spent jumping in and out of GitHub. No other tool is so deeply integrated in your development workflow.

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Use the same stack NASA does to put rovers on Mars

Adding ZenHub to our team has resulted in a huge improvement to our workflow.
Senior Product Manager
ZenHub addresses the pain points in tracking development work – it’s simple, intuitive, flexible, and integrated into a tool we already use daily. Since switching to ZenHub, our team spends less time tracking our GitHub issues and more time tackling them.
Ryan Richins
Software Development Manager
Zenhub allows our team to have an unified workflow for tasks and everyone in the team is able to have a clear picture about where we are and what needs to be done.
Rubén Martín
Program Manager
When we switched completely to ZenHub, it was slightly magical. The value of having everyone in the same system is hard to overstate. Engineers were able to hunker down and focus, and that sped up production.
Arthur Wiesen
Program Manager

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