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Agile Project Management Inside GitHub

Flexible, lightweight project management for the modern software development team – all without ever having to leave GitHub.

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Organize with task boards
Task board or scrum boards display issues and progress
ZenHub Burndown Chart for remaining work
ZenHub Epics inside GitHub issue
ZenHub Velocity Chart for tracking speed
ZenHub Release Reports for deadline mangement

Powering agile development for the world's most innovative teams.

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Predictably deliver better software, faster

ZenHub is natively integrated into GitHub, using Issues and GitHub’s underlying data to keep progress up-to-date and projects on track. Bring project management closer to the code to reduce context switching and increase team productivity. Uncover hidden bottlenecks in your software development process with reports including Burndown Charts, Release Reports, Cumulative Flow Diagrams, and more.

ZenHub works where you need it, either inside GitHub via our browser extension or as a full featured standalone web app.

ZenHub Project Management is powered by GitHub data
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Project Team

Project Management

Reduce switch

Reduce context switching

Third-party project management tools pull you away from the code. Stay inside GitHub while updating your project status to stay productive.


Improve team communication

Software development is a team sport. Know what your team and others are working on for improved collaboration.

Master Project

Master any size project

With Epics, Multi-Repository Boards, and customizable Workspaces, ZenHub makes it easy to manage any size project, organizing your work and aligning your team to ship faster.


Automate your workflow

Define a Workspace, drag and drop Issues between pipelines, synchronize Pull Requests with corresponding Issues, identify blockers, and prioritize what matters most.

Find Problem

Identify and eliminate bottlenecks

ZenHub Reporting, powered by GitHub data, finds otherwise hidden trouble spots in your development workflow.

Customer Value

Improve time to customer value

When the team is aligned and focused on the code rather than project status updates in a third-party tool, more work gets done.


Complete flexibility

Customizable Taskboards and Workspaces let teams organize work with the methodology that works best for them, including Kanban, Agile and everything in between.


Always accurate

ZenHub runs on GitHub data, so your project status, Release Reports, Burndown Charts, Velocity Tracking, and Kanban Reports are always accurate.

Now that ZenHub has been adopted as a core workflow management solution, there’s something to be said about our team’s newfound stride within Agile.
Jessica Jennings
Jessica Jennings
Program Manager
ZenHub Workspaces helps us manage our team’s backlog across multiple repos while providing our partner teams with their own curated view. This keeps us organized across teams while improving our overall velocity.
Scott Kurtzeborn
Scott Kurtzeborn
Engineering Manager
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Lightweight and powerful

ZenHub is simple and lightweight, reducing developer tool overhead and context switching. Get all the powerful features you need for data-driven project management without ever having to leave GitHub.

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Get organized, stay productive

Organize your GitHub Issues with a drag-and-drop Kanban board. Arrange more complex projects into Epics. Customize your Workspace to reflect how you work to keep the team aligned and productive.

Icon Iteration

Get better with every iteration

In-depth reporting provides the data-driven insights needed to track progress and scope changes while historical data helps the team estimate release dates moving forward.

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Better Software & Stronger Teams

Every chapter of our book on project management for GitHub is packed with expert advice and real-world workflow examples your team can start using today.