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ZenHub On-Premise brings all the benefits of to your own private cloud.

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Complete your GitHub Enterprise Server

ZenHub Enterprise adds the project management your team needs to power your development workflow—company-wide. Built to scale, ZenHub brings transparency to projects and clarity on priorities.

Complete Your GitHub Enterprise
Enterprise Frictionless Setup

Frictionless setup

ZenHub Enterprise is up and running within an hour with deployment that mirrors GitHub Enterprise Server.

There’s no need to manage ZenHub user permissions as they match one-for-one with GitHub permissions. Everything will be familiar, seamless, and best-in-class. Additional customization is easy with our API and up-to-date documentation. 24/7 dedicated technical support ensures you’ll be up and running quickly.

Enterprise Security

Enterprise security

ZenHub Enterprise lives behind your firewall, installing on your servers right alongside your GitHub Enterprise Server instance.

Trusted by Fortune 50 enterprises, you can custom configure your ZenHub Enterprise instance to meet additional security requirements as needed. Disaster recovery via our backup utility and easy upgrades ensure your data stays safe and secure.

Enterprise Scale

Built to scale

ZenHub's easy licensing model offers total flexibility to add new users to your team as you need them.

Whether you’re starting with a small team or planning a company-wide rollout, ZenHub's solution scales seamlessly to serve the needs of every team. As your needs grow, add additional functionality through pre-built integrations like Slack and Gitter. Customize even further with easy to implement webhooks.

Enterprise Success Manager

Personalized success manager

ZenHub Enterprise customers get personalized help from a dedicated Success Manager.

Our Success Team has the tools, materials, and knowledge to ensure your team’s success. Get help learning best practices for project management, translating Agile practices into GitHub, or customizing your team's ideal workflow.

Working with ZenHub is easy

Deploy options

Deployment options

Install ZenHub based on your company’s preference. Deploy on your own servers using our .OVA image or deploy on AWS using our set of AMI’s.

Easy license

Easy licensing

Add new users to your team as you need them. Get started by licensing any number of your GitHub Enterprise users.

Easy upgrade

Easy upgrade

Upgrades are provided as a .tar file that is applied on top of your existing instance with no need to set up or migrate data to a new instance.

Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery

ZenHub’s backup and restore utilities make it easy to backup your instance and restore those backups to a new instance in the event of a failure.



Get all the same great features of ZenHub with the added security and control of it being installed alongside GitHub Enterprise Server on-premise.

Best taskboard

Best-in-class taskboard

Define your Workspace, track projects, filter by labels, assign Issues, and get visibility on priorities.


Multi-Org / Multi-Repo support

Merge Repos from multiple GitHub organizations into the same board.


Customized workflows

Add, rename, remove, and reorganize pipelines to suit your team’s development process.


Robust API

Migrate data, integrate with other tools, automate workflows, and much more.

Link Issues and Pull Requests

Link Issues & Pull Requests

Attach Pull Requests to their corresponding Issues for tracking them together on your Taskboards.



Tackle any size project by grouping GitHub Issues together into Epics for better planning and tracking.



Add story points and track progress towards Milestones to better understand project complexity and catch bottlenecks early.



Add story points and track progress towards Milestones to better understand project complexity and catch bottlenecks early.

Flexible Workspaces

Flexible Workspaces

Create different workflows using the same GitHub repository so every team works in the way that fits their specific needs, tasks and styles.

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