Zenhub enterprise

Bringing teams together, at any scale

Get everything your team loves about Zenhub, but at the scale your organization needs. Available on-premise or in your own private cloud.

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Hosting options

Zenhub Enterprise securely operates via private cloud or on-premise servers.


For teams using Github.com
  • Securely hosted by Zenhub
  • Automatic installation and updates
  • No setup required – just get the extension 
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For teams using GitHub Enterprise Server
  • Runs on your private infrastructure
  • Full control over security and maintenance 
  • Custom on-premise installation
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Seamless setup and maintenance

Get started in under an hour. We provide hands-on support setting up and maintaining Zenhub Enterprise.

Get help getting started

We’ll help with your initial installation of Zenhub Enterprise.

Upgrades are seamless

In-place upgrades come with backup and restore utilities.

Deployment options

Work across existing and emerging formats, like OVA, AMI, Kubernetes.

First impressions matter

From installation to updates, we strive to make every initial interaction a delight.

Agile coaching

Guarantee success. Zenhub Enterprise customers receive personalized help from a dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Custom training plan

We’ll create a plan to help you go further when getting started.

Quarterly reviews

Ensure you’re hitting your goals with regular check-ins.

Priority support

Support tickets from Zenhub Enterprise customers are prioritized.

Your personal guide

From the first step forward, we make sure you’re meeting your goals with Zenhub.

Built to scale

Grow your team and your business. Zenhub's licensing model helps teams of 20 to 20,000+ flexibly add new users as they grow.

Per-user license model

Purchase a subset of your GitHub licenses so you only pay for the users actually using Zenhub.

Flexible GitHub license options

Add new seats as the team grows with quarterly license “true-ups”.

License management dashboard

Easily manage your teams licenses, license requests and auto-assignments.
customer stories

Disruptive software teams ship better code, faster with Zenhub


Nikkei Is Leading the Digital-First News Evolution With Zenhub

Red Hat

Now that Zenhub has been adopted as a core workflow management solution, there’s something to be said about our team’s newfound stride within Agile.

Jessica Jennings
Program Manager

Dapper Labs

For a fast-growing blockchain company like Dapper Labs, getting development teams in-sync and onboarded into tools can be a challenge, but with Zenhub's simple interface, the Dapper team is making agile a breeze.

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Kubermatic improved project release date reliability, collaboration, and transparency by adopting Zenhub. Learn how!

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Swagger API

Discover how the Swagger API open source project uses Zenhub to streamline workflows and improve coordination and transparency. Read the case study today!

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Want to learn if Zenhub Enterprise is right for you and your team?

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