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ZenHub Enterprise is robust on-premise project management for GitHub Enterprise

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Get the most out of GitHub Enterprise

ZenHub Enterprise centralizes your code & management workflow into one platform, providing unparalleled insight into your GitHub issues and PRs.

Scales with your team

Our flexible licensing model means you can add users whenever you need – no need to wait for lengthy procurement processes or purchasing cycles.

Frictionless Setup

With a deployment modeled after GitHub Enterprise, everything will be familiar & best-in-class. ZenHub Enterprise is multi-environment, and works with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Enterprise-Grade Security & Support

ZenHub Enterprise runs behind your firewall and configures to your security requirements. You'll have 24/7 access to a dedicated technical support manager.


As the only collaboration tool natively integrated in GitHub Enterprise, ZenHub is an agile workflow that moves as fast as your team. ZenHub Enterprise offers additional security and support for large enterprise companies.

Zenhub Boards

Visualize large GitHub projects at a glance.


Turn GitHub issues into agile epics.

Personal Task Management

Tackle your to-do's in a private interface.

Burndown Charts

Take the guesswork out of release planning.

52% more time spent in GitHub

We asked hundreds of software teams to tell us how ZenHub impacted GitHub collaboration, productivity, and developer happiness. What could it do for your team?

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Ready to take GitHub Enterprise to the next level?

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