Looking for the JIRA alternative?

If your team runs on code, help them run faster.

ZenHub is an alternative to JIRA

Powerful doesn't have to mean bloated.

One robust platform.

ZenHub is agile project management software displayed directly inside GitHub. Using actual GitHub issues and pull requests, it's the fullest possible integration where developers already live.

Always-accurate data.

Get unmatched insight into your technical organization. ZenHub's powerful reporting and collaboration features allow your team to tackle bigger goals – while providing managers with deeper insight and more accurate data.

Eliminate wasted time.

Third-party tools force teams to jump in and out of GitHub to manage their workflow, causing hours of wasted time. ZenHub tracks work where work happens, so you can stay productive and laser-focused on the real work.

Seen enough? Try it yourself. No strings.

ZenHub is free for teams under six

How the world's best software teams work together

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The next generation of GitHub project management

Slack, HipChat, Gitter, and custom integrations
Accurate data: Work directly with GitHub issues
One interface: Work directly from the code base
Dead-simple onboarding
Fast and flexible workflow customization
Sign in with GitHub
Filter board by GitHub assignee, label, repo, or milestone
ZenHub project management features

Sick of clunky JIRA? It's time for ZenHub.

ZenHub is the best-in-class tool for software teams

Multi-Repo Task Boards

Connect and visualize projects from several repos – or even GitHub organizations – in one place. Bring GitHub issues into a fully customizable interface that accommodates any workflow with automated actions, powerful filters, and much more.

Reporting across repositories

Meet your sprint goals more consistently. Add story point estimates to GitHub issues, then track your sprint progress in real time with Milestone-integrated reports.


Executing product backlogs is simple with ZenHub Epics. Epics add a critical layer of hierarchy to GitHub issues, giving you end-to-end control over the release process.

Chat integrations

Stay connected to your projects and integrate with Slack, HipChat, Gitter, Spark, and more.


Export data like estimates, issue history, and task board details using ZenHub's fully extensible API with JSON responses.

One easy switch. Big happy team.

When we switched to ZenHub, it was slightly magical – engineers were able to hunker down and focus, and that sped up production.

Arthur Weisen

Leap Motion Program Manager

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What happened when Leap Motion ditched JIRA for ZenHub?

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