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ZenHub Roadmaps

In today’s software-driven world, you need to bring together the software development team and the business-at-large to ensure success. ZenHub Roadmaps gives every stakeholder across the company, from individual developers to the executive team, an accurate and up-to-date view into the progress of business critical software projects.

Roadmap Accurate

Always Accurate

Eliminate the disconnect between the work being done in GitHub and the roadmap that reflects the team's progress.

Roadmap Automatic

Customizable Views

Give everyone a meaningful view into the product roadmap and the important progress being made, regardless of where they sit on the team.

Roadmap Customize

Automatic Updates

Eliminate manual updates to the roadmap and leverage your live GitHub data instead.

Icon Plan Projects

Plan and visualize your team’s key projects

Icon Project Progress

Automatically updates progress in real time

Icon Roadmap time scale

Easily switch between daily, weekly and quarterly