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Total project visibility

See all your teams, projects, and priorities in one place, with GitHub data providing an up-to-the-minute view into project progress.

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Keep priorities clear

Use GitHub data to visualize projects and clarify priorities. 
ZenHub Boards are where you manage the work. Using your project’s GitHub issues, you can define a workspace, move issues between pipelines, and prioritize the work that matters most. 

Make epic work

Group multiple issues into a single epic for better planning and tracking.

One board, multiple repo

Combine multiple GitHub repositories into a single workspace and workflow. 

This is a priority!

Identify and mark high-priority issues, and pin them to pipelines to increase their visibility. 

Give issues some pull

Attach pull requests to their corresponding issue so you can seamlessly track both. 

Your workspace, your way

Different teams can use the same GitHub repos across multiple boards. 

Additional ZenHub Features

Do more in GitHub

Workflow Automation

Automatically remove redundancies, extra steps, and hand-off delays.


GitHub data powers your project reports to ensure up-to-date accuracy. 


Teams that want results trust ZenHub

ZenHub addresses the pain points in tracking development work – it’s simple, intuitive, flexible, and integrated into a tool we already use daily.

Ryan Richins
Software Development Manager

ZenHub helps us manage our team’s backlog across multiple repos while providing our partner teams with their own curated view. This keeps us organized across teams while improving our overall velocity.

Scott Kurtzeborn
Engineering Manager

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ZenHub's browser extension simplifies developer's workflow

ZenHub's browser extension simplifies developer's workflow

ZenHub integrates natively within GitHub's user interface. No lengthy onboarding. No configuration headaches. No separate logins.

Better software & Stronger teams

Better software & Stronger teams

Every chapter of our book on project management for GitHub is packed with expert advice and workflow examples your team can start using today.

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