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Turn GitHub into an enterprise-ready suite

Flexible kanban-style Boards
Accurate data: Work directly with GitHub issues
One interface: Work directly from the code base
Filter board by GitHub assignee, label, repo, or milestone
Velocity Tracking
Burndown Charts
Slack, HipChat, Spark, and Gitter Integrations

All the tools you need

One central platform

ZenHub is project management directly inside GitHub. Using actual GitHub issues and pull requests, ZenHub brings together all the actual work to help you more effectively manage it.

Always-accurate data

Get unmatched insight into your technical organization. ZenHub's reporting and collaboration allow your team to tackle bigger goals while providing deep insights and accurate data.

Focused on your success

Software businesses need to keep development and company goals connected to succeed. ZenHub helps prioritize work goals for individual developers and executives alike. 


GitHub data enables project transparency, tracking, and visibility on priorities.

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GitHub data powers your project reports to ensure up-to-date accuracy.

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Workflow Automation

Automatically remove redundancies, extra steps, and hand-off delays.

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Give every company stakeholder an accurate view into project progress.

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