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*New* Discover the trends, priorities, and opportunities of today’s disruptive software teams.
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2022 State of Disruptive Software Teams

We surveyed over 260 software professionals to uncover the trends, priorities and opportunities of today's disruptive software teams. Discover what it takes to give your software team an edge above the rest.

What’s inside this report

The 2022 State of Disruptive Software Teams report examines the realities of software-led organizations in today's world.

Learn about the importance of empowering your teams with developer-friendly tools and processes that allow for more maker time and create happier developers.

Key Takeaways:

  • How disruptive organizations are gaining an edge over the competition
  • The key factors to creating a productive environment for developers
  • Open source's role in driving disruption and growth
  • Opportunities for managing highly-effective software teamsOpen source's role in driving disruption and growth
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Report sneak peek

The need for simplicity and efficiency dominates product leader priorities
AI and machine learning are now the shiny new toys for developers

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