Kanban Coaching: Throughput, cycle, and lead time

An intro to Kanban and how to read Control charts and Cumulative Flow Diagrams in ZenHub.

Kanban Coaching
Kanban Coaching
Kanban Coaching

It's free!

As part of your ZenHub subscription, you get access to free coaching for you and your team.



Each coaching session is 1 hour. We review how your team works and provide tailored recommendations.

Get to know each other

Understand how your team works

In the first 10 minutes we discuss your team's current workflow and what you'd like to improve.

Overview of Kanban

Overview of Kanban in ZenHub

Based on your team's workflow we'll dig into the basics and deep-dive into how to read our Kanban reports to introduce workflow changes based on what you're seeing.

Review next stes together

Review next steps together

In addition to the documented resources, we'll be available for a follow-up session once you've started to leverage the Diagram day-to-day.