Hypothesis-Driven Development with Agile

14 days : 10 hours : 40 mins
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About this event

You can’t take nine-month ideas, slice them into one-week sprints, and get great outcomes with agile. What do you do instead?

In this session, UVA Darden professor, retired entrepreneur, and diligent agilist Alex Cowan and ZenHub’s VP of Customer Success George Champlin-Scharff will discuss how teams are using Hypothesis-Driven Development to focus on outcomes over output, bringing a practical but user-centric definition of success to their practice of agile.

After watching this webinar, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how hypothesis-driven development might improve your practice of agile, design thinking, Lean Startup, and DevOps
  • Prioritize the right questions and focus the work of answering them efficiently
  • Iteratively assess your practice of HDD and improve it
Alex Cowan
Alex Cowan
Agile Expert and UVA Darden Professor
George Champlin-Scharff
George Champlin-Scharff
VP of Product