How to Resolve IoT and Edge Computing Developer Productivity Challenges

14 days : 10 hours : 40 mins
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About this event

If you’re building Cloud-Native applications today, you probably leverage a DevOps approach; however, the rise of IoT and Edge computing challenges the status quo.

Join Frédéric Desbiens, Program Manager, IoT and Edge Computing at the Eclipse Foundation, to learn about how Edge Computing complements Cloud computing by deploying hardware resources and software components in the real world, as close to the data source as possible.

Frédéric will also discuss how EdgeOps aims to tailor the basic principles of DevOps in an approach more suited to the specificities of IoT and Edge Computing. One of its tenets is that the components of the data, control, and monitoring planes can be placed anywhere on the edge-to-cloud continuum. This kind of flexibility requires protocols, platforms, and tooling built from the ground up for the Edge, including Cloud development tools.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • EdgeOps and why it matters
  • How EdgeOps is a vision for Edge Computing
  • Developer productivity challenges associated with IoT and edge computing and
  • How EdgeOps principles combined with the right productivity tools can mitigate those challenges
Frédéric Desbiens
Frédéric Desbiens
Program Manager, IoT and Edge Computing, Eclipse Foundation