How to automate Issues and Pull Requests linking in Zenhub

14 days : 10 hours : 40 mins
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About this event

Developers do their best work in focus mode, so taking the time to stop and update work status in project management platforms can be an unwanted distraction. Following our mission to remove these tedious tasks from developers' workflow, we have recently introduced a few Workflow Automation features that will improve the developer experience inside ZenHub.

Join ZenHub's George Champlin-Scharff, VP of Customer Success, and Aaron Franks, Senior Frontend Engineer, for a comprehensive overview of these automation features. Learn:

  • How to connect multiple Issues to a single PR and multiple PRs to a single Issue
  • How to automatically link/close Issues using GitHub keywords in the PR
  • How to see the review status of a PR and the PR reviewers on the Board

George Champlin-Scharff
George Champlin-Scharff
VP of Product