2022 State of Disruptive Software Teams

14 days : 10 hours : 40 mins
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About this event

Today’s software teams, particularly those at startups, care deeply about innovating as quickly as possible, as they seek to change the status quo.

Industry disruption and product-led growth happens when there’s a productive environment in which development teams can focus on meaningful work that creates value. But, where to start and what’s the best way to get there?

Join John Garrett, Founder at ClearPath Strategies, and Thabang Mashologu, VP of Marketing at ZenHub, in a discussion on what founders, team leaders, and developers working in high-growth companies care about most. In this interactive session, you’ll learn about tech leaders’:

  • technical and team priorities
  • wish lists for tools
  • thoughts on and use of open source
  • and other priorities related to team productivity and developer experience
John Garrett
John Garrett
Founder, ClearPath Strategies
Thabang Mashologu
Thabang Mashologu
VP Marketing, ZenHub