How ustwo's engineers save 47 hours per month using ZenHub

Product Design

Looking to accelerate, not complicate

ustwo is a global digital product studio that spans New York, Malmo, Sydney, and London. In addition to creating award-winning games like Monument Valley, which has sold over 2.5 million copies, they also partner with industry-leading brands like Toyota, American Express, Barclays, and Nokia, among many others.

ustwo adopted ZenHub to help guide the development process of a new expense-logging application. With offices across three continents, the team needed a low-overhead project management solution that would centralize discussion. They also hoped to accelerate their agile, Scrum-based sprint process.

"Basic tools didn't have the reporting functionality we needed. Others felt like data overload, with heavy implementation resulting in underuse."
Ranu Rajkarnikar
Project Manager

They'd already evaluated several other tools, including physical task boards and burndown charts.

“Basic tools didn't have the reporting functionality we needed,” said Ranu Rajkarnikar, ustwo project manager. “Others felt like data overload, with heavy implementation resulting in underuse.”

ustwo's offices span New York, Malmö, Sydney, and London.
Team members in New York were able to consolidate 3 tools after adopting ZenHub.
ZenHub helped the team stay focused while building Payback, an expense-logging application.

Breaking down the walls between developers and “everyone else”

Upon finding ZenHub, the team decided to begin a trial. Soon they were able to centralize every workflow in one place, GitHub, reducing communication friction between technical and non-technical team members.

ZenHub's Multi-Repo Task Boards make morning standups more impactful, allowing ustwo to visualize development process and potential blockers.

ZenHub's Estimates feature makes it easy for team members to estimate time or complexity of GitHub issues. Thanks to Milestone-integrated Burndown Charts, historical speed is easily referenceable; as a result, sprint plans are more accurate.

“By using ZenHub with GitHub, we now have a record of progress and discussion,” said Ranu. “ZenHub has made our workflow simple and organized.”  

"We now have a record of progress and discussion. ZenHub has made our workflow simple and organized."
Ranu Rajkarnikar
Project Manager

Their favorite features


Plan and structure work in a way that’s best for you. Turn GitHub Issues intro Epics, add user stories, then get sprinting with Milestones.

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Know exactly how many story points you can meet in each sprint. Identify risks, eliminate bottlenecks, and better understand project complexity.

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Eliminate the disconnect between the work being done in GitHub and the roadmap that reflects the team's progress.

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Workflow Automation

Bring workflow automation to your GitHub Issues. Avoid hand-off delays and ensure the status of work is always accurate.

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