Simplify agile with

Zenhub AI

Simplify agile 

with Zenhub AI

Zenhub AI will power the next generation of software team project management, giving you the organization you need for success, without the overhead.

Reduce clicks

Simplify the steps it takes to perform simple tasks, automate busywork a human doesn’t need to do, and enjoy time back in your calendar for high-value work.

Improve accuracy

Make better, more informed decisions for your organization knowing your strategies are based on up-to-date, accurate data.

Simplify process

Leverage AI as your on-demand agile coach within Zenhub. Agile and project management enablement can be an entire job in itself – but it doesn’t have to be.


Zenhub saves teams 2.5 hours of manual updates every week

With built-in Kanban boards, Roadmaps, Planning Poker, Automated Sprints, and more, Zenhub is designed to make agile project management a seamless part of your everyday.

And now, the future of software project management is here: AI-powered experiences from Zenhub.

Coming soon

Reimagining project management with AI

Here’s how we conceptualize incorporating AI into our platform.

Run sprint demos like never before

Conduct informative, low-effort sprint demos by combining Zenhub AI-generated sprint summaries with our Loom integration.*

Pinpoint dependencies

Get a digestible feed of how your team is doing that day and where blockers are preventing progress toward your goals with blocker detection powered by Zenhub AI.*

Prioritize, painlessly

Reduce time spent mulling over an issue’s priority level. Zenhub AI will suggest how to prioritize issues against other work and reposition work accordingly.*

Carve the path for future sprints

Limit time spent configuring future sprints. Zenhub AI will automatically add work left in the product backlog to the next sprint based on your average velocity.*

*The above features are experimental concepts and are not currently ready for use.
Currently available AI features

Easy Issue Categorization with Zenhub AI Suggested Labels

Gone are the days of searching endlessly for the right labels to categorize your work. Zenhub AI suggests existing labels based on your issue title and description. Don’t like the suggestions? Simply refresh for another set of suggestions.

Be the first to experience AI project management

Join the Zenhub AI waitlist to learn more about the next generation of AI-powered agile project management, and be the first to join Beta programs. There's never been a more exciting time in software team project management.

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