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Unite everyone on your team

ZenHub, the original GitHub project management tool, is now available on all web and mobile browsers. Now it's easier than ever for the whole team to get total visibility into the development process while developers get to stay in an environment they love.

ZenHub gives our non-technical team members access to GitHub-based project planning tools without the distraction of features that don’t apply to them.
Ronald Lane
QE Team Lead and Lead Agile Coach
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See the whole picture without losing focus

Align your teams and ship real value to customers faster. Powerful planning features like Estimates and Epics save time by breaking down complex projects into small, manageable tasks.

ZenHub allows our team to have a unified workflow for tasks, and everyone in the team is able to have a clear picture about where we are and what needs to be done.
Rubén Martín
Program Manager
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Use data to make the right decisions

ZenHub is powered by live GitHub data, so your information is always accurate. Get insights into what needs to get done, predict when your product will ship, and use data-driven decisions to achieve better business outcomes.

When we switched completely to ZenHub, it was slightly magical. The value of having everyone in the same system is hard to overstate. Engineers were able to hunker down and focus, and that sped up production.
Arthur Wiesen
Program Manager
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