What's new in ZenHub Enterprise: What 🚢'd in 2.32

A product training session on the latest release to ZenHub Enterprise

Task board or scrum boards display issues and progress
ZenHub Burndown Chart for remaining work
ZenHub Release Reports for deadline mangement

More about the session

undefinedFebruary 20th at 10:00am Pacific Time (UTC-8)

What 🚢'd in ZenHub Enterprise 2.32
undefinedFebruary 20th at 10:00am Pacific Time (UTC-8)
We've launched a bundle of new features for ZenHub Enterprise that make setting up Workspaces easier 🎉. There's also new improvements that enhance the UX of report descriptions, and a bundle of new training resources. Read the release notes.
We'll also cover what's upcoming, including more on: multiple Boards per repo and Kanban reporting in ZenHub.


undefinedFebruary 20th at 10:00am Pacific Time (UTC-8)

There will be 15 minutes of content, 15 minutes of question and answer.

Who should attend

Current ZenHub Enterprise users looking to learn what's new and upcoming.

Areas we'll cover

New Workpace setup flow

Milestone and Release enhancements

Issue template improvements

Recap of Cumulative Flow Diagrams

🌟 Upcoming: Cycle/lead time

🌟 Upcoming: Multiple Boards per repo