An Intro to Epics and effective project organization

What Epics are and why you should use them to improve organization and track progress.

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Epics in ZenHub

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undefinedNovember 14th, 1:00—1:45 PM Central Time (UTC -5)
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You’re a new or existing ZenHub user and are looking to learn more about how to organize your team's projects or better use Epics.

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We’ll share best practices around Epic creation, along with helpful tips on how to use Epics in Sprints and Releases, and better organize work on the Board.

Intro to Epics

Overview of Epics in agile

We'll cover the basics of Epics, user stories, and related concepts in agile. We'll also highlight how Epics get created in ZenHub.

Overview of Kanban

Best practices for streamlining planning using Epics

We'll review best practices for organizing tasks, Issues, Epics, and Projects together, deep-diving into best practices for organizing larger projects and user stories.

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How Epics, Sprints, and Releases can co-exist

Last, we'll cover best practices for adding Epic work to Sprints and Releases. Including what not to do!