Getting started checklists

Once you've familiarized yourself with the concepts of agile in GitHub and ZenHub and got acquainted with the Board, filters, how to setup your pipelines, and how to bundle similar stories and groups of work together using Epics, leverage these checklists to continue getting your workflow setup on ZenHub.

Your first day with Zenhub

Whether you're onboarding a new teammate into your team, introducing ZenHub to someone new, or would like a refresher on how to get the most of your ZenHub experience, this first day checklist will ensure your workflow is setup taking into account best practices.

Your first sprint with Zenhub

From getting acquainted with GitHub Milestones and Burndown reporting, to becoming more effective with sprint planning using ZenHub, this checklist will ensure you know the ins-and-outs of sprint planning best practices with ZenHub.