These Release Notes are for ZenHub Enterprise, for customers using ZenHub with GitHub Enterprise. For all users using ZenHub on, please check out our new feature announcements on our product changelog.

What's new in ZenHub Enterprise 2.34

IMPORTANT: ZenHub Enterprise 2.34 supports the following GitHub Enterprise versions: 2.14, 2.15, and 2.16.

Track cycle and lead time with the Control Chart

Confidently plan and track your projects by forecasting when work will be completed.

Control charts give in-depth insights on a piece of work, including:

  • Time to completion
  • Overall cycle and lead time
  • How long issues spend in various stages of work

You can forecast how quickly work will be completed by measuring throughput, uncover blockers, and identify bottlenecks.Control chart highlight

Review the help guide to learn how to read the Control chart and best use cycle and lead time in your projects. Get in touch with questions, feedback, or positive vibes! 🌱

Simplified Workspace editing

We have shipped a few changes related to editing a Workspace in preparation for a future improvement: multiple Boards per repo. For now, you can now jump straight into the Workspace editor through the "Edit Workspace" tab located on the sidebar.

All Workspace editing actions will be handled through the editor. We have removed the "Disconnect repo" icon from the Repo Filter on the Board to help familiarize these actions.Edit Workspace from top sidebarEdit Workspace from list

Close Milestones from the Burndown

We shipped a small button that holds great power. Close all of your connected Milestones from the Burndown chart in one click!Close Milestone from Burndown

Remember to make sure the Milestone is complete - to reopen connected Milestones, they must be opened individually through GitHub.

New ways to style Issues and comments

We've fixed dozens of minor UI bugs and introduced new markdown features to offer better parity with GitHub. A few standout changes include:

  • Using
    <!-- -->
    displays hidden text in Issues.
    This is helpful for providing instructions in Issue templates.
  • Writing out emojis, such as
    , render the emoji's image in Issues.
  • 3 or 6 digit hexadecimal color codes show color previews next to the code block.

Bug fixes and UI updates

We've made a ton of small, but mighty fixes to improve your experience. This includes:

  • UI Improvement When selecting multiple Issues to add to an Epic or Release, the multi-action menu now indicates which Epics/Releases the Issues already belong to. A checkmark indicates that all selected Issues are part of this Epic/Release, and a dash indicates that some of the selected Issues are part of this Epic/Release.
  • UI Improvement You can now add Emojis to Issue template names.
  • UI Improvement When multi-selecting or filtering the Board, the sum of Story Points is available for all open Issues.
  • Bug Fix When a Label filter is applied to the Release report, it no longer shows unfiltered Issues.
  • Bug Fix Drag-n-dropping an Issue from the closed pipeline no longer breaking the Board.
  • Bug Fix When connecting a PR with an Issue, the Issue selector no longer freezes due to timeout.
  • Bug Fix Closing the Issue modal before it finishes loading no longer crashes Board.
  • Bug Fix Epic Builder no longer crashes due to anchorId being undefined.
  • Bug Fix Selected dates on the Cumulative Flow were previously showing as “Invalid date” (Firefox only).
  • Performance When selecting Issues on the Board using multi-action, the select all functionality now selects up to 100 Issues instead of the previous 75.

That's all for now ✌🏻!

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