These Release Notes are for ZenHub Enterprise, for customers using ZenHub with GitHub Enterprise. For all users using ZenHub on, please check out our new feature announcements on our product changelog.

What's new in ZenHub Enterprise 2.30

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Multiple Issue templates support

When creating new Issues in ZenHub, you can now use GitHub's per-repo multi-template workflow in ZenHub! Toggle between multiple Issue templates created in a repo using the template switcher Learn moreUse multiple Issue templates in ZenHub

If you are using GitHub Enterprise 2.13, support for multiple Issue templates will not be available as this is not supported in GitHub repositories in 2.13.

Cumulative Flow Diagrams

Cumulative Flow Diagrams keep track of how Issues move across each of your team's pipelines within each ZenHub Workspace you work in.

As Issues flow across the Board, use the diagram to visualize Issue throughput.

Throughput helps teams track not only how much work is accumulating within each pipeline across a set date range, but also helps shed light on bottlenecks and areas for process improvements. Learn more and book a personalized (free) Kanban coaching session to understand how to interpret your team's diagrams. Cumulative flow diagram in ZenHub

Hide Epic cards on the Board

You can now hide Epics on the Board by selecting Hide Epics from the Epic filter dropdown.Hide Epics by filtering

Clear estimates in bulk

When making bulk changes to Estimates using multi-select, you can now clear Estimates!Clear Estimates in Multi-select

Bug fixes and UI updates

We've made a ton of small, but mighty fixes to improve your experience. This includes:

  • Bug Fix The repo switcher is now properly aligned visually with the rest of the elements surrounding it.
  • Bug Fix Icons on collapsed pipelines are now properly aligned to the text on the pipeline.
  • Bug Fix When on GitHub Project or Code tabs, ZenHub will now properly open when navigating back-and-forth.
  • Bug Fix Workspace names and descriptions no longer appear clickable when you don't have the needed write permissions on the repository to make edits.
  • Bug Fix The Today line on the Burndown now properly shows up when the date is beyond the chart's date range.
  • Bug Fix The activity tab in the Release report no longer leads to a blank screen.
  • Bug Fix When searching for Issues in the Board where other filters are active, the any / all filters will no longer create false positives due to an active text search.
  • Bug Fix Descriptions can now be cleared from Workspaces.
  • Bug Fix When changing pipelines in an Issue in the web app, the Closed pipeline is now an option.
  • Performance We've made improvements to how ZenHub renders in GitHub, meaning snappier loading times!

Admin Updates

In addition to the bug fixes and enhancements listed above, here's important admin notes.

ZenHub Enterprise 2.30 supports the following GitHub Enterprise versions: 2.13, 2.14, and 2.15.

If you are using GitHub Enterprise 2.13, support for multiple Issue templates will not be available as this is not supported in GitHub repositories in 2.13.

We have deprecated official support for ZenHub Enterprise versions below 2.24. We officially support the following ZenHub Enterprise versions: 2.30, 2.28, 2.27, 2.24.

That's all for now ✌🏻!

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