These Release Notes are for ZenHub Enterprise, for customers using ZenHub with GitHub Enterprise. For all users using ZenHub on, please check out our new feature announcements on our product changelog.

What's new in ZenHub Enterprise 2.24

2.24 contains significant performance upgrades, a bundle of bug fixes that further polish the ZenHub experience, gives teams an easy way to access API keys and integration setup, and introduces a better way to interact with Epics and average estimates in Release reports.

Below is a summary of the latest enhancements and new features released to ZenHub Enterprise.

Have questions or want a 1-on-1 walkthrough of the updates? Send us a note at and let us know how we can help. We'll set up a custom walkthrough to help you with the latest updates.

Performance improvements

Your Boards, filters, and dropdown now render quicker. Here's a summary of the changes we've made to improve performance:

  • Board improvements Significant performance improvements make the Velocity load faster for everyone. The Velocity Report no longer returns a 400 error for teams who have large multi-repo Boards or a large amount of Issues in their workspaces
  • Board improvements Issue cards got a performance boost upon loading! The Board will load faster, with Issue cards also rendering faster when you first load them.
  • Epics The Epic dropdown on the Issue sidebar now uses GraphQL, which means a speedier load time every time you click to assign an Epic to an Issue!
  • Safari improvements There are new modal improvements to help with Safari scrolling performance issues. The Modal will no longer lag behind when scrolling!

Updates to Release reports

A bundle of new improvements to the Release report list view make it easier to interact with Epics added to Release reports. This includes:

  • A new filter that allows you to filter the Issue list by Epic
  • Epics added to Release reports now appear at the top of the open Issues list in the Release Report
  • Epics are now visually represented with an Epic icon next to them for easier identification
  • If an Issue belongs to an Epic, a new icon shows what Epic it belongs to, which is hoverable for more details
Issue list improvements for Epics in Release reports
  • Issues in Release reports that are not yet estimated have always been assigned an average Estimate to show teams the total scope. Now, Issues on the Release report will display the average Estimate value being assigned. This helps teams understand what value is being used to generate total scope.
Average estimates in Release reports used to generate total scope
  • When updating the desired end date for a Release report, the activity timeline will now show the previous and new date in the event log.
Activity timeline for desired end dates on the Release report
  • A new 'Total scope' section on the Release report gives teams a full breakdown of how estimated and non-estimated Issues/PRs impact predicted end dates.
Breakdown of estimated and average estimated Issues in the Release report

Navigation in ZenHub is no longer in two tabs, but one unified sidebar. This now gives ZenHub a dedicated home within GitHub. Learn more here, or unpack the design decisions that informed the launch.

With the new sidebar, you can also now easier onboard your team and create Issues through two new icons: One for invites and a + to create Issues.New ZenHub Navigation

On the web app, you'll also now see a new section when logging in: Private repos you can access. Team members who are a collaborator, or have private repo access but aren't part of the full organization within GitHub, can now access their private repo Boards directly from the login screen of the web app.Private repo access on the web app

Better merge repo warnings

To prevent accidental Board merges and better communicate what changes merging has on repositories, a new confirmation modal has been added to the merge workflow.

Confirmation when merging Boards together

Assignee names in the web app

In the web app, when @ mentioning a team member, full names are now displayed!

Mentioning assignees in ZenHub

Integrate Slack from the web app

Now you can easily configure Slack and access API tokens without having to perform code changes in your console! Visit the ZenHub Dashboard from clicking on your username on the sidebar and select Slack & integrations to get started.

Setup Slack for GitHub and ZenHub

Bug fixes and UI updates

We've made a ton of small, but mighty fixes to improve your experience. This includes:

  • Milestones Due dates for Milestones will no longer be inconsistent across the Issues and Board filter dropdowns
  • Web App navigation When closing the repo switcher in the web app, your previous search will be cleared for the next time you're looking for a report
  • Release report When filtering a Release by a label, the list of Issues below the graph will now also filter by the label selected
  • Release report When updating the desired end date for a Release report, the activity timeline will now show the previous and new date in the event log
  • Board improvement Clicking Load more Issues in the closed pipeline when a filter is active on the Board will no longer cause closed Issues to disappear
  • Board improvement When searching for Issues on the Board that contain a % the Board will no longer freeze.
  • Board improvement Long repo names now have a hover tooltip to help with readability when they are too long to fit within the filter dropdown
  • Board improvement When you have more than nine repos connected in a multi-repo Board the Add a repo button will no longer be cut off
  • Board improvement Dates across the Milestone and Release report filters will now be consistent. This means no more issues with the Reports encountering incorrect story point totals due to time zone conflicts. You'll now see consistent due date markers: Due by ‐insert date here‐
  • Board improvement We updated the Board search shortcut to f + i. Now, the Board search will not interfere with GitHub's global search shortcut, /
  • Issue improvement Web app only Lists will no longer render with double the padding between list items
  • Issue improvement If you happen to find yourself in a weird error state in ZenHub on the Boards, the error message now links to a helpful troubleshooting guide to get back on track easier
  • Issue improvement Web app only Markdown tables will now properly render as tables
  • Issue improvement Web app only You can now drag-and-drop image and file uploads when uploading files via the web app or using the new Issue creation in the extension
  • UI Update You will now see consistent copy for all dates across ZenHub. Whether it's on the Velocity report, or a filter, we've made time stamps consistent to ensure no one in different time zones are viewing a different time than you

Admin Updates

In addition to the bug fixes and enhancements listed above, here's important admin notes.

  • ZenHub Enterprise 2.24 supports the following GitHub Enterprise versions: 2.11, 2.12, and 2.13.

That's all for now ✌🏻!

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