These Release Notes are for ZenHub Enterprise, for customers using ZenHub with GitHub Enterprise. For all users using ZenHub on, please check out our new feature announcements on our product changelog.

What's new in ZenHub Enterprise 2.22

Below is a summary of the latest enhancements and new features released to ZenHub Enterprise.

Latest updates

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Visualize Issue Dependencies on the Board

When Dependencies get added to Issues, the relationship between blocked Issues is now viewable directly on your Board. Four different icons will appear across your Issues as Dependencies get added:

  • Dependencies on ZenHub BoardsThis Issue is blocked by other Issues
  • Dependencies on ZenHub BoardsThis Issue is blocking another Issue
  • Dependencies on ZenHub BoardsIssue is blocked by another Issue, as well as blocking an Issue
  • Dependencies on ZenHub BoardsWhen a question mark appears on an Issue, it indicates that a dependency exists but it is being filtered out. It should only appear when you have a multi-repo Board and are only showing a subset of those repos on the Board. To update the Issue with it’s blocking status, click the show all button on the repo filter on the top left of the Board

To filter the Board by a Dependency, click on the Dependency icon on the Issue card and select Filter by this Issue's Dependencies.

Read the complete guide on Issue Dependencies.View and filter Issue Dependencies on the ZenHub Board

Manage cross-repo Milestones

If you've created a multi-repo task Board, ZenHub makes it easy to create, and manage a GitHub Milestone spanning several repositories. This eliminates the need to duplicate work when managing your Burndown charts and sprints. To manage cross-repo Milestones, a Milestones tab will be present in the top navigation on the web app for all your Boards.

Read the complete guide on managing cross-repo Milestones.

Create, edit, close and manage Multi-repo Milestones using the ZenHub web app

Unsure when to use a Milestone versus create a Release? Check out our guide to using Milestones and Releases together.

New keyboard shortcuts

Quickly navigate ZenHub through your keyboard no matter where you are. With a suite of 35 new keyboard shortcuts, you can now swiftly navigate between Boards, reports, multi-select actions, and perform Issue actions.

Access the suite of shortcuts through the Shortcuts option via the Settings dropdown or head to guides.Navigate ZenHub by keyboard with our suite of keyboard shortcuts

Easily invite your team to ZenHub

We've made easier for you to bring your team onboard. You can now access a sharable link to get started with ZenHub through the Settings dropdown on the Board. Click on Send an Invite to get a unique shareable link to onboard your team.Navigate ZenHub by keyboard with our suite of keyboard shortcuts

In-app Tutorials

To help teams get familiar with core features and track progress as they get started a new tutorial page in the web app offers in-app tutorials and easy access to ZenHub guides helps teammembers get familiar and onboarded into ZenHub.Get started with ZenHub and learn about core features in the product through in-app tutorials

Board and Issue Enhancements

Multiple enhancements across Issues and the Board improve the way you collaborate and visualize work, as well as help better plan for future Releases.

Collapsed Issue event activity

Issue events are now collapsed by default across both web app and extension. This will save space between comments to keep important cross-Issue referencing events and collaboration more visible.Filter the Board by Issues not assigned to a Release

Filter by Issues with no Release

Filter the Board by Issues not in a Release through the Release filter to have visibility into Issues that haven't been added to help with future project plans.Filter the Board by Issues not assigned to a Release

Enhancement for pipeline and multi-repo Board changes

To make it easier to understand how activity around Pipeline changes and multi-repo Board connect/disconnect events impact others in the team, we've added an additional step to make changes. The new modals outline the impact pipeline deletions and multi-repo Board connections will have on the rest of the team.Deleting pipelines in ZenHub

1-click expand/collapse for pipelines

Expanding and collapsing of pipelines is now available through 1-click interactions via the top of the pipeline.Collapse and Expand pipelines with 1 click in ZenHub

New read/write API Endpoints

We've launched a suite of new API endpoints for Releases. See what's new in our API documentation.

Web and mobile updates

If you are a collaborator on a private repo or need to access a public repo in the web app you can now click on the sidebar dropdown to navigate to Private repos you have access to and search to Find public repos.Access personal and public repos from the ZenHub Web App using the sidebar

Reviewing a Release plan and notice a missing Issue not being tracked? You can now create an Issue from anywhere in the ZenHub web app using the new + button in the top nav to avoid navigating away from the task at hand.Create Issues across from anywhere in the ZenHub web app

If teams have Issue Templates created in a repo in GitHub, these templates will now appear in the web app when creating new Issues. Issue Templates for GitHub Issues appear in the ZenHub web app

Admin Updates

In addition to the bug fixes and enhancements listed above, we've made improvements for administrators.

  • We've rolled out Admin Guides: ZenHub Enterprise Admin Guides. Bookmark this section to get the latest information regarding managing ZenHub Enterprise, performing maintenance, and running command line tools
  • ZenHub Enterprise no longer supports versions of Firefox below 52
  • We now support the ability to change the rate limit for the ZenHub API via a new command line tool

That's all for now ✌🏻!

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