On-premise project management for GitHub Enterprise Server

Deploy ZenHub Enterprise alongside your GitHub Enterprise Server instance for on-premise data-driven project management.

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ZenHub Enterprise adds the project management your team needs to power your development workflow—company-wide. Built to scale, ZenHub brings transparency to projects and clarity on priorities.

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Enterprise Security

Enterprise security

ZenHub Enterprise installs on your servers to keep your business safe. You can configure your instance to meet security requirements, while 24/7 dedicated technical support ensures nothing will stand in the way of your team's goals with ZenHub.

Enterprise Scale

Built to scale

ZenHub's licensing model allows your team to add new users as you need them. Whether you’re starting with a small team or testing company-wide adoption, ZenHub's solution scales for every team.

Enterprise Frictionless Setup

Frictionless setup

Get ZenHub Enterprise up and running within an hour. With deployment modeled after GitHub Enterprise Server, everything will be familiar and best-in-class. Our API and up-to-date guides are easily accessible online.

Enterprise Success Manager

Your personal success manager

Your team will have a dedicated success manager with the tools, materials, and knowledge to move you forward when you need it. Ask us to help you customize your team's ideal workflow.

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Slack Integration

Integrate with Slack

customize Workflow

Customize your workflow

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Multi-org support

Bulk Actions

Bulk actions

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