These release notes are for, for customers using ZenHub Enterprise with GitHub Enterprise please check out our new feature announcements in our Enterprise Release Notes.

October Overview

Highlights of new features launched at ZenHub over the month of October


Bug fix When viewing a Dependency tree on the Board directly from an Issue page caused you'll no longer experience an error causing the Board to never load


Bug fix The footer link from to get the extension will now lead to the proper download page

Bug fix When creating a new Issue, adding a Release to the Issue before submitting it will now properly be added to the Issue


Bug fix Moving Issues within a sorted pipeline now properly is disabled, preventing errors from occurring when moving Issues outside a sorted pipeline


Update Performanace improvements have been made to the Velocity chart to help teams working across large Boards and multi-repo Boards.


New Teams can now choose to hide the predicted end date of any Release report. A new show/hide toggle button will update the report accordingly.

More on Release Reports and forecasting deadlines

Leveraging the predicted end date helps teams understand more about the gap between your team’s actual velocity and the velocity that is required to hit your desired end dates. This enables more accurate estimates and, as a result, more effective sprints and project planning.

Additional documentation on using and reading Release reports

Using Release Reports in ZenHub to predicted end dates for goals and projects

Bug fix The URL when sharing a Release report with others will now load the right report.

Bug fix You can now drag-and-drop Issues out of a sorted pipeline.

Update Performanace improvements have been made to help with Issues loading in the Boards.


New We've launched a suite of new API endpoints for Releases. See what's new in our API documentation.

New When deleting pipelines and merging Boards which are already part of another multi-repo Board, team members will now see an additional confirmation modal that explains the global impact of the change being made.Deleting Pipelines in ZenHub and the impacts to the teamDisconnecting or merging an already connected Repo and the impacts to the team

New now supports strikethrough in Markdown, using the tilde symbol:

Update The Board buttons have a fresh new look! Board UI Button Improvements


New Quickly navigate ZenHub through your keyboard no matter where you are. With a suite of 35 new keyboard shortcuts, you can now swiftly navigate between Boards, reports, multi-select actions, and perform Issue actions.

Access the suite of shortcuts through the Shortcuts option via the Settings dropdown or head to the complete guide.Navigate ZenHub by keyboard with our suite of keyboard shortcuts


Bug fix Important cross-Issue referencing events were being collapsed by default in the Issue activity stream. Now important linking events will always be visible in an Issue and all other activity will be collapsed by default.


Bug fix The Submit New Issue and Create Epic buttons no longer get hung on loading in the extension.

Bug fix Duplicated events when navigating between pull request tabs will no longer appear.

Update ToDo has been removed from Issues and the top GitHub navigation menu and will no longer be supported.


New Improved onboarding features the ability to invite a teammate as you get started with ZenHub!Invite teammates as you onboard into ZenHub


New New Issue templates created in will now carry over to when new Issues are created from the web app.Issue Templates for GitHub Issues appear in the ZenHub web app

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