These release notes are for, for customers using ZenHub Enterprise with GitHub Enterprise please check out our new feature announcements in our Enterprise Release Notes.

January Overview

Highlights of new features launched at ZenHub over the month of January.


Bug fix Weekends on the Burndown are now colored the same as in the legend.

New The web app Milestone management page now supports markdown in Milestone descriptions. These descriptions will also appear in the Burndown report.Milestone markdown

New You can now use markdown in Release report descriptions.Release markdown


New The select all limit in multi-action has been increased from 50 to 75.


Bug fix When creating Issues from a ZenHub Board they will now properly appear without needing a refresh.

Bug fix Creating Workspaces with read-only repos now show the lock icon and don't let you error-out due to lack of write permissions.

Bug fix Checkmarks now appear on pipeline names in the table list when using the web app in Safari.

New Contact support directly from in-app! A new link to Contact support is available on the sidebar.

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