These release notes are for, for customers using ZenHub Enterprise with GitHub Enterprise please check out our new feature announcements in our Enterprise Release Notes.

February Overview

Highlights of new features launched at ZenHub over the month of February.


New A new payment and team dashboard allows new subscriptions and existing ones to manage payments more seamlessly!ZenHub Dashboard Home Page

New Individuals who use personal repositories with ZenHub can now easily configure Slack and access API tokens! Visit the ZenHub Dashboard and select Slack & integrations to get started.Setup Slack for GitHub and ZenHub


New Issues in Release reports that are not yet estimated have always been assigned an average Estimate to show teams the total scope. Now, Issues on the Release report will display the average Estimate value being assigned that is helping generate total scope.Average estimates in Release reports used to generate total scope

New Epics added to Release reports now appear at the top of the open Issues list in the Release Report.

New If you happen to find yourself in a weird error state in ZenHub on the Boards, the error message now links to a helpful troubleshooting guide.


Performance Update The Epic dropdown on the Issue sidebar now uses GraphQL, which means a speedier load time every time you click to assign an Epic to an Issue!Performance increase for Epics

New Epics added to Releases will now appear at the top of the Release Report list view.


New You can now drag-and-drop image and file uploads when uploading files to or using the new Issue creation in the extension.

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