These release notes are for, for customers using ZenHub Enterprise with GitHub Enterprise please check out our new feature announcements in our Enterprise Release Notes.

August Overview

Highlights of new features launched at ZenHub over the month of August.


Bug fix When using multi-action to move Issues cross-pipeline, the notification now gives proper copy indicating a successful pipeline move.

Bug fix When you're disconnected from the internet ZenHub will now properly inform you that you're disconnected instead of say that Issues are disabled.


Bug fix When hovering over sidebar sections, you'll no longer see an unintended underlying of links.

Bug fix When filtering by an Epic, we've improved the copy to be more descriptive about what is actually happening. The Epic button now show Filter by Epic Issues, while once activated, you'll see a clear option, Remove Epic filter

Bug fix File uploads weren't working in the extension new Issue modal, or on the web app, but are now restored!

New Two new filters! Filter by Estimates and Authors. Easily compare two or more Issues to ensure that estimates are accurate, figure out which Issues can be slotted into a sprint based on size, and find Issues you've created on the Board easier.Filter by author or Estimate

New All filters, when combined, now have updated logic. You can toggle between Any or All to enhance your search.New filter logic for any and all filtering

New You can now toggle between repositories when creating new Issues directly from the new Issue modal.Create Issues in any connected repository


Bug fix When login fails, we now provide a helpful error message and way to contact support if the issue persists.

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