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August Overview

2.35.10 / .09

Bug fix Issue events will no longer show the @ symbol where the user avatar should have been

Bug fix When prioritizing Issues within a pipeline, there's no longer a tiny window where the pipeline will auto-scroll. Teams can now move Issues much easier within the pipeline.

Bug fix Fixed the GitHub page footer from jumping into the screen view and causing the page to get stuck after updating Issues from the Board.


Bug fix The Board will no longer freeze when sleeping after we publish a new extension version - smooth sailing when waking your ZenHub tab moving forward.


Bug fix Incorrect dates were displaying when picking start/end dates on the Burndown chart - they will now properly display the date you've selected.


New Create an Issue from anywhere in the ZenHub web app using the new + button in the top nav.Manage milestones in bulk and create cross-repo Milestones in ZenHub

Bug fix Epics will no longer be created in the wrong repo in a multi-repo Board when using the + button to create Issues on the Board.

2.34.76 / .73

New Manage, edit, and create Milestones in bulk via the new Milestone page in the web app. This includes creating cross-repo Milestones to manage ZenHub reports effectively. Learn more about managing cross-repo Milestones.Manage milestones in bulk and create cross-repo Milestones in ZenHub

New Filter the Board by Issues not in a Release to have visibility into Issues that haven't been added to future project plans.Filter the ZenHub Board by Issues not assigned to a Release

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