These release notes are for, for customers using ZenHub Enterprise with GitHub Enterprise please check out our new feature announcements in our Enterprise Release Notes.

April Overview

Highlights of new features launched at ZenHub over the month of April.


Bug fix You'll now see consistent copy for all dates across ZenHub. Whether it's on the Velocity report, or a filter, we've made time stamps consistent to ensure no one in different time zones are viewing a different time than you.

Bug fix Issue events related to re-estimating story point values will no longer incorrectly appear as the same event in the Issue history.

Bug fix Setting an Estimate of 0 will no appear as a Removed Estimate event in the Issue page.

Bug fix When clicking on the timestamp of an Issue comment on the Board Issue modal, the Board behind the modal was appearing Blank when updating the URL. The Board no longer disappears!

Bug fix The Velocity chart story point values are no longer cut off.

Feature Update There are new modal improvements to help with Safari scrolling performance issues. The Modal will no longer lag behind when scrolling!

New Web app only When @ mentioning a team member in the web app, the assignee list now shows full names! Assignees in ZenHub now show full names


New There's now a 'Total scope' section on the Release report. Get a full breakdown of how estimated and non-estimated Issues/PRs impact predicted end dates by reviewing the total scope of your Release.Breakdown of estimated and average estimated Issues in the Release report

Bug fix For a brief moment Release reports couldn't be renamed—this is now fixed! You can continue to edit and update existing Releases without error.


Bug fix Dates across the Milestone and Release report filters will now be consistent. This means no more issues with the Reports encountering incorrect story point totals due to time zone conflicts. You'll now see consistent due date markers: Due by _insert date here_


Bug fix Web app only Lists will no longer render with double the padding between list items.

Bug fix Board tooltips for filters will no longer appear in random positions, but where they belong right above the intended filter.

Feature Update We updated the Board search shortcut to f + i. Now, the Board search will not interfere with GitHub's global search shortcut, /.


Bug fix Issue events will no longer appear in random orders in the extension. Back to chronological ordering!


Bug fix When viewing the Release activity tab in a Release report the Epic filter will no longer appear.


Bug fix Web app only Markdown tables will now properly render as tables!

Bug fix When navigating between Burndown or Release reports and other GitHub tabs, the reports will properly render when you head back to the ZenHub tab in the extension.

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