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Introducing ToDo: A personal task manager built for GitHub

Introducing ToDo: A personal task manager built for GitHub

It’s a familiar scene: you open your laptop on Monday morning to an expanding pile of notifications, each competing for your undivided attention. Managing tasks in GitHub is a challenge – especially when you’re not the one assigned to an issue or pull request – so you rely on external apps or sticky notes to stay on top of it all. (What was that thing you needed to do, again?)

Thousands of companies like Starbucks, NBC, and Microsoft turn to ZenHub for team collaboration solutions. Now we're expanding those solutions to the individual developer, too.

Today, we're debuting ZenHub ToDo: a new form of personal task management in GitHub! It's a way for software developers to manage Issues and Pull requests as personal tasks. You can now create unlimited custom to-do lists, and you can add, remove, and triage private tasks without leaving the GitHub interface!

Inspired by the Getting Things Done ("GTD") methodology, ToDo is personal task management tailored to the way you work best.

Add any issue or pull request

You'll now find a subtle Bolt button in your GitHub interface.

Need to take action on an issue or pull request? Click the Bolt (or press shift-z) to add it to your personal Inbox. Clicking it again will mark the item as complete.

Triage your Inbox

Next, view your action items by clicking ToDo in the top nav bar (or use the shortcut z). When you add a task, it first lands in your personal Inbox. To stay lean, treat this as a triaging space; every item has its place.

What are you working on now? Drag those top-priority items under Today. Stay focused by keeping this list short!

Create custom lists

Once you decide what to work on today, create custom lists to clean out the rest of your Inbox.

How you organize lists is totally up to you. One popular method is to sort items by Today, Tomorrow, and Someday. Others prefer lists for each project or repo they're working on.

Get stuff done!

By getting tasks out of your head in this way, you can focus on the important part – actually getting them done! When you're ready to cross an item off your list, click the checkbox to archive it.

Aaah. Doesn't productivity feel good?

Thanks for reading! Tell us your feedback: Tweet us @ZenHubHQ or email support@zenhub.com.

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