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Improve Board visibility with real-time notifications

Improve Board visibility with real-time notifications

We've heard from our users that the lack of visibility into recent activity on GitHub Issues has been a major pain point. This compounded by the fact that it’s hard to tell what’s happening across a project at-a-glance, led us to want to change that.

Starting today, you’ll be able to view and keep track of new activity on your Issues directly from your ZenHub Board, so you don’t have to leave GitHub, or mindlessly click around, to get a sense for what’s happening across your projects.

Viewing notifications with ZenHub’s Board Issue Notifications

Issues with new activity will be highlighted on the ZenHub Board with a blue line to the left of each Issue. That way, you can see at a glance what’s being worked on at a given time, so you can better triangulate where you might want to click in for further updates.


Once you hover over an Issue, you can click the notification icon and select “New activity on this issue.” This will show the recent comments added to the Issue, so you can dig into the latest happenings in context of the Issue and your broader project.


Enabling notifications on GitHub repositories

Repo notifications are enabled by default. To update your settings, select a repo and choose Watching, Not Watching, or Ignoring from the drop-down menu.


Repos with Watching selected will ensure you’re notified whenever a team member makes a comment on an Issue. If you’d like, you limit notifications across your Issues by choosing Not Watching. This will ensure you are only notified on an Issue you have been tagged in. To disable all notifications on Issues, select Ignoring from the drop down menu.

With ZenHub notifications enabled, you’ll have the ability to view new activity on Issues, provide critical feedback, and push projects more quickly through pipelines into deployment.

To view the latest activity on your projects, head over to your Boards›

At ZenHub, we’re always working on new features to enhance our users’ experiences. And we always love to hear from you about how we’ve doing! To provide feedback on any new or existing feature, get in touch with our team to share your thoughts!

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