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New feature! Issue dependencies

New feature! Issue dependencies

With our latest release, teams can now manage and visualize relationships between different issues and pieces of work using Issue dependencies.

Read the full documentation for Issue dependencies here...

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Issue dependencies mitigate risk

Sprint-over-sprint it's important for teams to pro-actively evaluate deadlines using new information that comes during day-to-day work. Whether your team uncovers new technical issues during the implementation of another feature that impact other parts of the code, through to managing customer expectations, or even communicating a product launch to marketing and sales, project plans quickly change. When relying on just a list of GitHub issues and comment references to other Issues, there's a strong possibility that visibility into how these changes impact other tasks get lost or forgotten.

Tracking dependent relationships between Issues and whether something is blocking another piece of work is important with any project process because it creates a central hub where everyone can communicate what's needed without relying solely on meetings or comments to uncover important connections.

ZenHub's Issue dependencies not only help teams visualize relationships between pieces of work, but they save team members a lot of time that would otherwise be lost just hunting down information.

Ready to get started? Check out full documentation to learn more about setting up your own Issue dependencies here...

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