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Getting Started with ZenHub

Getting Started with ZenHub

So you're ready to stay in the zone with ZenHub, the only project management solution displayed directly in GitHub. Welcome to the ZenHub family! You're probably wondering: How quickly can you start improving your workflow with ZenHub?

To answer your question: very quickly! This will only take a moment.

Staying agile with ZenHub Boards

ZenHub Boards display your GitHub issues in a way that helps you understand prioritization and project progress. At a glance, your entire team can see who is doing what – and when.

Getting Organized

Access your ZenHub Boards via the Board button (or, simply press b).

On your ZenHub Board, you’ll see your GitHub issues depicted as individual cards. Dragging these cards from pipeline to pipeline represents where they sit in your workflow. Updates are pushed instantly to your team.

All your issues first appear in the far-left side the Board, under New Issues. Let’s move them to their proper places!

New Issues: The default landing area for new issues. All issues in this pipeline are waiting to be prioritized.

Backlog: Lower-priority work that you want to do in the future.

To-Do: The next pieces of work to be started.

In Progress: What's being worked on right now.

Done: Finished! No further work required as part of this milestone.

Closed: View your completed work. Drag issues here to close them for all users; dragging them out will re-open them.

When managing a large number of issues (not a bad thing!), take advantage of GitHub Milestones. Create Milestones based on internal goals, public releases, or pre-determined periods of time (for example, two-week sprints). You'll then be able to filter by Milestone (from the dropdown menu at the top of the Board) to see exactly what needs to be done to hit your goal!

Looking ahead: Using your Backlog for prioritization

Great project managers don't only think about what's happening now; they look at the bigger picture and communicate that to the rest of the team. Now that you've crystallized the current objective, it's time to plan your longer-term trajectory.

The Backlog pipeline makes this really easy; quite simply, the higher the issue sits, the more important it is. Drag and drop issues in your Backlog until they align with your team's priorities.

Even though priorities are likely to shift, you can always re-order them as needed. Now you're able to easily present your product roadmap to the entire team!

Looking to dig deeper? Learn more about Board customization here or check out the video below.

What's next?

You now have a ZenHub Board to be proud of! Why not reward yourself by checking out some more ZenHub features?

You're on your way to becoming a ZenHub Pro! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for real-time status updates. We'd love to hear how ZenHub is keeping you in the zone!

This post was updated November, 2015.

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