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Dispatches from GitHub Universe: Integrating with Projects [Updated]

Dispatches from GitHub Universe: Integrating with Projects [Updated]

Update: As of Nov. 9/16, ZenHub's Projects integration will be phased out. We moved quickly to get an initial integration in place from Day 1, then watched closely to see how – or whether – the ZenHub community wanted to use Projects and Boards together. After gathering your feedback for the past two months, we've seen that demand from our community is very low. That, combined with the resources necessary to support the Projects API, have led to our decision to remove the integration. As always, if you have any questions, we're happy to chat.

We’re writing you as we depart from GitHub Universe, where our CEO Matt took to the stage to discuss the ZenHub workflow. He also gave an early look into our upcoming roadmap: from more automation in your daily work, to having ZenHub available whenever and wherever you want it, there are some big things coming! The performance refactor we released last week, which makes ZenHub dramatically faster and more scalable, was an important step in the series of enterprise-ready updates on the horizon.

Today we’re announcing our integration with a new GitHub feature: Projects. GitHub Projects give users the ability to create simple issue boards on a per-repository basis. Our team was granted API access to Projects, and we're releasing an early integration in time for launch.

We’d eventually like to integrate Projects wherever you want them - from your advanced ZenHub Boards, to Epics, Estimates, Burndown Charts, and everywhere else.

Your ZenHub Boards will integrate with Projects in two straightforward ways:

Issue cards will display any Projects they're associated with, right within the ZenHub Board. Also, your ZenHub Boards will now allow filtering by Project; simply click the project link to test this feature and see issues contained in that Project. This is, of course, in addition to our other filters, like Milestone, Epic, Label, and Assignee. This current implementation is lightweight by design, so let us know your feedback.

There are a few important differences between a Project and a ZenHub Board. Firstly, Projects are single repository, and there can be several Projects per repo. Because each Project is independent of the next, issues can be in more than one at a time. And finally, rather than triaging issues like you do on a Board, issues are intentionally added to a specific GitHub Project.

We'll be listening intently to your feedback over the coming weeks before deciding what a deeper integration might look like.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to tweet us or shoot us an email directly at support@zenhub.com!

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