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Join our brand new ZenHub Community for software professionals.
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Productivity. Defined.

Supercharge your software development

Software teams using ZenHub increase their productivity by up to 75%.

Get organized

From turning issues into sprints to adding user stories, collaboration has never been so easy and efficient.

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Keep your team focused

ZenHub eliminates distractions and helps developers spend more time working on code.

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Automate workflows

ZenHub users save an average of 2.5 hours per week with Automated Workflows. Remove redundancies, extra steps, and hand-off delays.

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Help your team focus on development

Ship more, manage less. Keep your sprints clear and predictable with ZenHub's sprint planning tools.

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Get organized

Plan your project inside of GitHub. Turn issues into epics, add user stories, and get sprinting.

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Stay inside GitHub

Keep focused. Use ZenHub to spend more time working on code and less time managing the work.

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Automate the boring stuff

Automate your GitHub workflow. ZenHub uses automation to remove redundancies, extra steps, and hand-off delays.

Workflow Automation

Focus on development

Ship more, manage less. Give your team clarity on sprint plans and deadlines by automating sprint planning.

Sprint Planning
Your development team. Optimized.

Ship better code, faster

Over 65% of teams using ZenHub report better scoped projects and meet more deadlines.

Clearly see the big picture

Complete project visibility across multiple teams gives you the transparency and clarity you need to improve collaboration.

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Make informed decisions

Real-time project reporting and live data help to identify risks, remove bottlenecks, and keep your team productive.

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Predictability to align your team goals

Real-time roadmaps let you and your team know exactly where you are, and where you're going.

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Stop guessing

Use automated, asynchronous planning poker to save time estimating issues and make sprints more predictable than ever.

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See the big picture at a glance

View the progress of multiple teams and improve cross-team collaboration.

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Make better business decisions

Use your project’s live GitHub data to identify risks and remove bottlenecks.

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Align your goals and your team

Your team’s GitHub data powers your project’s real-time roadmap.

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Hit your business goals

Automate the estimation process and benefit from more predictable sprints.

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See why development teams love ZenHub

ZenHub addresses the pain points in tracking development work – it’s simple, intuitive, flexible, and integrated into a tool we already use daily.

Ryan Richins
Software Development Manager

ZenHub helps us manage our team’s backlog across multiple repos while providing our partner teams with their own curated view. This keeps us organized across teams while improving our overall velocity.

Scott Kurtzeborn
Engineering Manager

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